uproarUproar is our Wednesday program for the 6th-12th grade - WEDNESDAY @ 6:30 PM

What to expect:

Hang Out Time

In this time grab a name tag so others know your name, instead of the awkward glances wondering who everyone is. Then mix and mingle with others and get to know the other students and our awesome adult leaders.

Crazy Video

We will show a funny, crazy, sometimes pointless video to get a laugh and loosen up.

Amazingly Awesome Games

This is time for the students to relax and enjoy a game that helps them relate to the other students. The game may be as intense as a relay or it could be as simple as bobbing for socks (that may or may not be clean) in a tub of water.

SHORT Announcements

We will take a short amount of time to update you on what is going on in Parkway's Student Ministry.


We are beginning a worship band that will rock your socks off and we will worship the Savior together.

Teaching that relates to YOU

We will look at the Bible and how to apply it to your life. We will see how it can change your life for the good.

See you at UPROAR on Wednesday @ 6:30 pm. It just may become the best night of the week.

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